Mini-Quest: Hot Springs

My home state isn't known for many things. The most notable are: a president, only diamond mine in North America, and Water.

There re is a town called Hot Springs and it’s know for, well, the underground Hot Springs that come to the surface. There's a National park smack in the middle of the historic area where it can walk up to fountains and fill containers with piping HOT water.

It is hands down the best spring water I've ever had in all of my adventures. When I lived in Georgia my parents would bring me water from these springs by the gallon when they visited. Or, if I drove back and had the time, I would go collect some and haul it back.

The area is historic, kitschy, and a tiny bit of a tourist trap. Yet, the calm adorable nature of all the shops combined with southern hospitality draws me back time and again.

Today was a quick half day trip with my parents and our dogs.

I took 1.5 rolls of photographs and will get them developed this coming week. For now; enjoy these unedited images from my phone.