Kismet Quest

a collective wanderlust

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Discovering the Catalonia region through the lens of one city.

Explored, drank the best sangria, fell in love with tapas, saw a wonderful concert, made new international friends, stumbled onto the national museum, and found a sense of freedom roaming through those streets.

because even in the U.S.A., there are adventures to be found.

My home state isn't known for many things. The most notable are: a president, only diamond mine in North America, and Water.

There re is a town called Hot Springs and it’s know for, well, the underground Hot Springs that come to the surface. There's a National park smack in the middle of the historic area where it can walk up to fountains and fill containers with piping HOT water.

Where respect is given to architecture and prayer.

Documenting the people and history.

Where we wondered, saw a concert, drank the most amazing sangria of my life, and felt free.
An exploration of spaces.

Where we wondered, saw a concert, drank the most amazing sangria of my life, and felt free.
This was a night only half remembered from libations and adventures.

because there are adventures in the U.S.

The unique thing about this particular trip is that I took two 35mm film cameras with me.

My Nikon broke while in Hong Kong and I did not trust traveling more with it while it is still damaged. All the images presented are from the 3 rolls of small format film. :)
I spent most of the time visiting with the Lady and G-Daughter, as well as spending time with the little family in general that I didn’t take as many photos in general as I had intended to take.
By the time I came back to H.Q. I hadn’t finished a roll yet. So, I decided to finish off the roll documenting H.Q.! I realize this is my own special place which I’ve spoken about for years as my Zen.
For now, here are the film photographs I took while in Virginia.

The journey begins February 3rd, 2017

A quick trip was enough to grab ahold of my soul.

When I adventure around the U.S. to see friends and discover new places looking for my place to belong.

Virginia (5.12.2017 - 5.15.2017) Part1 Part2
Hot Springs (6.7.2017)

when your best friend is half way around the world - you go see her.